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  • Media join “I stay home” and “Together we will move forward El Salvador”

Media join “I stay home” and “Together we will move forward El Salvador”

2 years ago

“El Salvador together we will overcome this” and “Stay at home” are two of the slogans used by the Salvadoran media in all their broadcasts and publications.

Replicating president Nayib Bukele’s message to stay at home and help prevent an uncontrol spread of the virus, is the intention of every TV station, radio and newspaper, as well as transmitting all relevant information about the crisis.

following the government’s decision to take preventive measures before there were any confirmed cases, the privet sector both the media and privet companies decided to join and collaborate donating food, water and basic necessity articles that the most vulnerable sector of the country requires at this time.

Fast food restaurant were the first ones to react and start providing food to the shelters that keep all the Salvadorans that entered the country before the preventive closure and are being monitored in a quarantine as a precautionary measure.

A permanent dialogue and collaboration between both the executive and the privet sector has been the key factor to face the worldwide COVID-19 emergency.

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